Beginner’s Toy Guide for Vulvas & Vaginas

A simple flowchart to get you started.

For a bigger printable version, click here.

I’ve been selling sex toys since 2015, both in store and at private parties. I was a toy nerd far before this however, buying my first vibrator right on my 16th birthday and avidly following tech developments on toy forums ever since.

Working in an adult toy shop genuinely is my dream job, so I feel very privileged to have learned so much in this role and being able to offer that knowledge to others.
After four years of adult retail I’m fairly certain I could help just about anyone find their ideal product, given enough time and questions.

Unfortunately I can’t offer the entire internet the full customer experience in one info-graphic, but hopefully this will give you a place to start if the idea of buying yourself a toy is a trifle overwhelming.

This is a very simplified distillation of my toy retail wisdom. I learned from experience, but I also read a hell of a lot of online reviews! I recommend looking up the toys mentioned in this flow chart and reading a bit yourself, as these are all just representations of types of toys.

I have elected to use toys that are from higher end companies as they tend to be more trustworthy and reliable, plus I’m simply more familiar with them as I worked in a luxury boutique. This does not mean that you have to get that exact brand! You can often find simpler, cheaper versions still made from good materials.

In time I hope to do an updated version of this chart, as well as guides for penises, anal toys and non-binary toys. Please let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions for future iterations. Enjoy!



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